International Study Group of Pancreatic Surgery (ISGPS) Calculator

This calculates the severity grades according to the ISGPS leak definition for pancreatic fistula and delayed gastric emptying (DGE).

This is a calculator of the new standardized definition for postoperative pancreatic “fistula” (POPF) or “leak”. It should be noted that clearly differentiating between Grade B and C fistula is difficult and for this reason, in most publications, Grade B/C are grouped together as one entity. This calculator is based on International Study Group of Pancreatic Surgery (ISGPS) definitions published by Bassi, et al., Surgery 2005; 138:8-13 and Wente, et al., Surgery 2007; 142:761-8.

Calculated Severity Grades:
DGE severity grade:
Fistula severity grade:
Days until unlimited oral intake: 
NG tube removed on postoperative day: 

(leave blank if not applicable)
NG tube reinserted on postoperative day: 

(leave blank if not applicable)
Intra-abdominal abscess?

Was amylase > 3x institution limit after post-op day >/= 3?

Radiographic documentation of periasastomotic extravasation or drain sinogram connection?

Was there persistent drainage > 3 weeks?

Was there any specific treatment for POPF?
including (1) partial or total parenteral nutrition; (2) antibiotics; (3) somatostatin analogues

Intra-abdominal hemorrhage ± pseudoaneurysm in the presence of amylase-rich drainage?

Was there a readmission for POPF?

Was percutaneous drainage required for POPF?

Was there a reoperation due to POPF?

Sepsis and / or organ dysfunction due to POPF?

Death related to POPF?

We would like to acknowledge that in order to maintain uniformity, we have presented this calculator in a similar format to that of the USA Pancreas Club