Since 2014 the APC has had set awards that have been presented during the Annual APC meeting. Two of these awards are annual and the other is decided by the APC Board for members considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the APC.

Outstanding Commitment to Pancreatology Award

The award recognises members of the APC considered to have made an outstanding contribution to pancreatic research and to the discipline of pancreatology overall. The recipients of this award determined by the Board of the APC at various times, following a call for nominations from members of the APC.  Award Winners are listed:

2014  – Professor Jeremy Wilson


Richard Williams – Pancare Foundation Award

This is a prize awarded at Australasian Pancreatic club to the oral presentation judged as most innovative and likely to make the greatest impact to the management of pancreatic cancer by a student, registrar or fellow.

Richard Williams OAM was a devoted husband, respected father, loving grandparent and a man who has been all about helping others. Even when diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer in 2013, this was seen as an opportunity to share experiences, increase public awareness and work towards nationally improving the management of pancreatic cancer, by actively supporting Pancare Foundation. His list of life achievements are great and commenced at the early age of 5 years after Richard lost 2 fingers in a lawn-mowing accident and began his charitable work for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Details of the most recent recipient of the award can be found on our Bulletin Board.  More details regarding this award can be found on the website of Pancare Foundation.

2015 – Dr George Sharbeen   

2016 – Ms Aleksandra Adamska


Hirshberg Foundation

The Hirshberg foundation awards are awarded annually to students judged by our invited lecturers as having the best presentations in various areas of our program. The Foundation is dedicated efforts have significantly raised awareness and understanding of pancreatic cancer by funding of basic and translational research that may ultimately lead to a cure for this disease.  More details of the organisation can be found at Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic cancer research.